Store mosse National Park

Welcome to Store Mosse National Park - Southern Sweden's largest bog. A unique nature experience in our immediate area.

About the national park This large mire is southern Sweden’s most original biotope. The layer of peat in the raised bog itself has been built up over a period of at least 8,000 years and largely consists of plant remains from various sphagnum mosses. Forested sand dunes, called "rocknar", form a system of islands and ridges criss crossing the open mire.

In the national park there is the opportunity for many activities. There are several different hiking trails - from 1.6 kilometers to 14 kilometers. You can take the children and explore the Wooden trolls path, take a selfie with the golden crown or watch birds from the twelve meter high bird tower. The center of the national park is based along road 151, which cuts through the entire park and here is a larger car park with parking spaces. Inside naturum, you can learn more about the national park and the life that exists here, get tips on nature areas, or take a break during the hiking trip. Welcome!

Store Mosse Store mosse nationalpark 33033 Hillerstorp