Hiking trails and hiking areas

Everything from 2.5km to ten miles marked trailes on foot.

Tuskebo promenadstig Around Tuskebo lake stretches a 5.5 km long walkway in a varied landscape with interesting cultural environments. On the walk you move through two parishes - Våthult and Villstad. The trail begins at Pålsbo about 5 km southwest of Gislaved. Read about Tuskebo walk and download map of it.

Forminnesleden The reminder in Öreryd (7 alt 3 km) is as the name sounds rich in ancient monuments, including grave fields from the ancient Iron Age and several gravösösen. Download map of ancient memory.

Golfbaneleden Golf course trail. Are you playing golf at Isaberg's golf course or just want to wander for a while. Then the golf coach is a perfect walk for you. The trail is located in the area of Isaberg's golf course. At the same time, as you walk the trail, you get a historical story from Nissafors's history. Download map of golf course memberPDF

Isaberg Around the Isaberg area there are also many nice hiking trails in varying lengths. At the holiday village there is an orientation map where you can see how the joints are going. Isabergs Fritidsbylänk to another website, opens in a new window

Natur- och kulturstig Nissan Around Nissan in Gislaved's urban area there are plenty of interesting natural and cultural environments. Nature and Cultural Trail Nissan is a walking trail for those who want to experience and learn more about these. Read more about Nature and Culture Trail Nissan and load map of it.

Nissanleden Nissanleden is a walkway along Nissan between Smålandsstenar and Skeppshult. The trail is approximately 8 km long and stretches between the power plant at Ågårdsfors in the north and Skeppshult's elljus track in the south. Along the trail there is a resting place in the height of Svenshult. Download map of Nissanleden.PDF

Solsystemet In the residential district of Gislaved, the space promenade begins through our solar system. When you reach the last planet in Mossarp you have traveled a total of four kilometers. The solar system is in the scale of 1: 1.5 billion and is on the initiative of GAS-Gislaved's Astronomical Society in cooperation with Gislaved municipality and Gislavedshus. The decoration consists of stones.