Smålands sjörike

Smålands sjörike is an area with the most lakes in Småland. With over a thousand lakes and streams, the lake kingdom attracts an abundance of both baths, fishing and water-related activities.

Experience the Småland wilderness in Sjöriket. Here you can explore cycling and hiking trails around Lake Bolmen. In these fish-rich waters there are more than 20 different fish species such as pike, pike and perch. Bolmen is Sweden's tenth largest lake and has 365 islands, of which Bolmsö is the largest. In Sunnaryd's archipelago-like environment you can have a coffee on the pier at the ferry station or swim in Kårehamn. Here the ferry crosses to Bolmsö. Around Bolmen you can visit several destinations such as the farm shop Enitaget at Pelles in Sunnaryd, the medieval castle, The resturant and hotel Piksborg, Tiraholms Fisk and Dannäs Våffelcafé. Here you can cycle around Bolmen and stay at one of our BikePoint which Store Sten B&B provides service for cyclists.

Welcome to a thousand lakes kingdom - Smålands Sjörike is a collaboration between Gislaved, Hylte, Ljungby and Värnamo municipalities. For more tips visit