Canoe path Nissan

Paddle at Nissan through the municipality of Gislaved is a 8.6 mil long waterway from north to south, which for many years has been interesting for canoeists to travel.

Nissan touches in a section north of Gislaved also the municipality of Gnosjö, where it constitutes a border between the two municipalities. The river is mostly calm and fluent in many places strongly meandering.

Current stretches are found mainly in the northern sections of the river. The river flows mostly in a forest landscape dominated by coniferous forest.

To use the resting places that are located along the trail requires a canoe check. This canoe check is available at selected sales locations along Nissan.

The cane can be placed in the mailbox when arriving at the resting place. More information is available at the point of sale.

Here is a canoe check and canoe map to buy: Hestra - The foundation Isabergstoppen Anderstorp - GI Multi Gislaved - Tourist Office, OKQ8 Smålandsstenar - Tourist Office / Torghuset, Hörsjöns camping * Unnaryd - Vallsnäs camping