Bathing in Westen Småland

Here we list the local bathing sites that are run under municipal operation.

Gnosjö municipal

Välornas badplats
On the northern beach of lake Hären, 3 km south of Gnosjö. Jetty, dressingroom, toilet, swings, fireplace can be found here.

This bathing site is located on the north eastern beach of lake Flaten. Well-fitted for children since the beace is shallow. Flatenbadets camping is located here too.

Götarps badplats
By lake Götarps eastern beach is this small and cozy bathing site. Equiped with a jetty, dressingrooms, tiolets and swings.

Kulltorps badplats
At lake Albo outside Kulltorp you find this jem on the headland in the northen part of the lake. Jetty, dressingroom, toilets and fireplace.

Nissafors badplats
By lake Vikaren in Nissafors you find this bathing place. Jetty, dressingrooms, toilets, swings and fireplace.

Sjöbo badplats
On the northern part of lake Skärvsjön you can find this beach.


Strandbadet vid campingen High Chaparral
At High Chaparral you find this handmade lake at the camping. Usage only to visitors of High Chaparral.

Gislaved municipality:

Stengårdshultsbadet (Northern Hestra)
At the north end there is a bathing place with a lawn.

Valdshultsbadet (Northern Hestra)
A shallow bathing place with a beach.

Örerydsbadet (Northern Hestra)
Is one of the largest places to have a bath with a nice beach surrounded by pines. From here you have a great view of Isaberg mountain.

Kroksjöbadet (Hestra)
At the sportscamp Isamon in Hestra. Choose between lawn or beach.

Kyrksjöbadet (Northwestern Gislaved)
In Båraryd is a large and popular place to bath. Equipped with a handicap jetty. Lawn and beach.

Tokarpsbadet (Anderstorp)
In Anderstorp there's a small bating place with beach, lawn and fireplace.

Gläntan (Anderstorp)
Also in Anderstorp you find this bathing place with a beach and smaller lawn.

Långhultsbadet (Burseryd)
Situated between Långhult and Hällabäck. Lawn and a small beach.

Borlångsbadet (Smålandsstenar)
Outside Smålandstenar there i s a small bathing place with a small beach and a lawn. Equipped with a fireplace too.

Hensjöbadet (Gryteryd)
A bathing place with a beach surrounded by forest. Here there's a fireplace too.

Flatenbadet (Reftele)
Outisde Reftele there is a bathing place with a lawn and a beach.